Love your work

Been following you on face book for a couple of years. Love your work.
Janet Todd

Acknowledgement of your talent

Thank you for what you do. It touched my soul. Ex Kenyan living in Cape Town and still in love with Kenya and missing it.....
patricia byrne


Hi Steve
We are pleased to inform you your image is up for the top 10. Please get hold for us by 1:00 today on this email.
Georgina Lockwood

African Photography

Amazing Pictures that are breath taking images!!
It's like seeing my first male lion in Tanzania walking up
Towards the jeep!
Like time was in slow motion an incredible moment.
Memories to enjoy!
Thank You for your Talents and Artistry!
Leslie J Gerard

Just like to say

Beautiful work. Really enjoyed looking through your photo's, very relaxing spending time on the pages.
A1 tops.
Cheetal handicrafts

Fantastic pictures

Thank you for these wonderful fantastic epic pictures ... and you're website is top! Loooots of greets from Germany :-)
Stefan & Elke


Informative site - great to pass on to friends and family. Pictures lovely. Feed my soul that misses Africa so!

Your photos

Unreal photos. I enjoyed them all ...
Grahame Hudson

Use of Photo

Hi Steve...Jerry Sellanga here from the Marketing department at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy. I just wanted to ask if its okay for us to share the photo of the elephant dust bath on our Ol Pejeta social media pages. All photos will be credited to you of course. Please let me know your view on this.


Jerry Sellanga.
Jerry Sellanga

Photography and website

Hey Steve! Absolutely loved your photography and the website. Do visit India to photograph the Wild.


Thanks, Steve. I just Liked your site. Great site and many awesome pictures!
Leo Collazo Photography

Great web pages

Highly impressive web pages and photography
Steve Bailey

painting permission request

Dear Steve, wow, what super photographs!! I am new to the art world (started in 2012)and love to do pastel paintings, particularly of wildlife. I would like to please enquire if I may possibly have permission to paint from some of your equisite photos? You can see examples of my work on my facebook page as well as Monkeyland Sanctuary Plettenberg facebook photos. (I would of course gladly ref you as the photographer should any be for sale.) I eagerly wait you reply. Many thanks + kind regards Brenda Pudifin, South Africa


"like it!" everything of the best .. who built it?
Rob Weaver

Kenyan Sunset photograph

Thanks Steve for the wonderful masai mara sunset photograph you printed and framed for me.
It looks fantastic on the wall in my living room. I will certainly recommend you to my family and friends.
By the way I love the website, Would like to go to Kenya myself one day.
Thanks again Steve.
Maggie Osborne


I love the photography.
Odia van Loggerenberg nee Diedericks

Elephant images

Dear Steve
Hello. You have shared a elephant images on Elephant Advocacy Facebook page. Thank you! Your images are breathtaking. Elephant Advocacy seeks permission from professional photographers to use and promote their elephant images in our posts, blog and Website. We are always very careful to credit the photographer and promote his/her web site. We would love to feature some of your work with your blessing. The photos would be used in our posts for inspiration, personal writings on elephant society and behavior and "power quotes" by some of the world's great elephant conservationists. Please let us know if you would grant us such use.
Thank you again for your beautiful work. Sincerely yours, Kelly and Richard Probst/Elephant Advocacy
Kelly Probst at Elephant Advocacy

your website

your work is great. From Venezuela. Sara Papo
Sara Papo

Your website

Very Nice Website...And Very Inviting Steve... Looks Awesome...
Rita Elkins

Beautiful Photos

I love looking at your work. I can see your photos and remember my wonderful time spent in Africa! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos.
Jayne Hoffman

Your Website

This is so beautiful....the colors, the pictures..I truly enjoyed it.
Sarah Snodgrass


Beautiful photography and website!
Dick Dobbenberg


Great site and excellent photography really enjoy animals and wild life.
Sean Snyman


I have bought three pictures as presents for relatives and they have all been thrilled with them.
I have received a herd of elephants photo as a present and they are now pride of place on my wall.
Brilliant pics Steve!
Linda Hart

Beautiful work

Thank you for your beautiful pictures and letting me travel in my minds eye with you!
Alex Cozanitis


Pooped in to look at the latest pictures and to say hi. GREAT.


Wonderful and beautiful while being informative..
Jennie Upton

Beautiful photography

I love your photos. And one of my passions is to travel to Kenya. Before I go I will be checking out Wildlife Sun Safaris. Maybe even drop you a line, if that's okay.
Michele Calvert-Branch


Beautiful images, Steve! Your wildlife gallery is incredible! Have a great weekend, my friend
Miles Stites

from peru

Congratulations for your work, is very nice !!!
josé cabanillas